Highlights of 2016 and Future Plans

Well 2016, you definitely caused a stir in the world didn’t you? A year full of surprises; victories, truths, wars, famous deaths and election results. Overall, 2016 has been a year of unprecedented change and I for one hope it’s for the better. 

(Because it can’t get any worse, can it..?!)

Despite the uncertainty in the UK economy following the EU referendum and change in PM mid-way through the year, here at Carrots + Daikon we’ve continued with our plans. In April we launched our delicious quinoa salad boxes and healthy juices, introduced a new brunch offering on Saturdays in the summer, bottled our house sriracha sauce and sold these alongside our homemade matcha cookies. We’ve had a lot of fun the past year with everyone and hope you’ve enjoyed filling your bellies at the deli or at home with a delivery. We’re really excited and look forward to continue working on our new ideas to provide you with more fresh Vietnamese street food flavours in 2017.

Saturday Closure

December 2016 saw the last of our Saturday opening hours. We’ve decided to operate five days a week from the New Year onwards in order to give us more time to work on improving and expanding our menu offerings, customer service and social media presence.

Our opening times will be from Mondays to Fridays 12pm-3.30pm for lunch, and 6pm-9pm for dinner and delivery.

We may reopen on Saturdays in the future, though for now this is how we will be moving forwards. If we’re not to reopen for business as usual, we hope to use the weekend to hold workshops and classes for children and adults on how to cook fresh, simple and healthy Vietnamese food at home. We love sharing our passion for good, healthy food and endeavour to teach as many people of all ages how quick and easy it can be.

 Summer Roll making with the lovely folks at North London Care 

Summer Roll making with the lovely folks at North London Care 

NEW Dinner Options

2017 will be the year we launch some new dinner items onto our menu, we have some classic starters and mains like satay chicken on skewers, cha la lot (pork wrapped in betel leave) and a Vietnamese lemongrass chicken curry. We will be bringing these dishes out soon in the coming few months and we can’t wait for you to try them.

 Vietnamese Chicken Curry with carrots and potatoes, perfect for a winter dinner. 

Vietnamese Chicken Curry with carrots and potatoes, perfect for a winter dinner. 

The team is super excited about the curry because we have had people asking for a curry dish for a good while now and we are thrilled it will be included in our menu. Unlike other curry dishes, Vietnamese curry is milder and light, the lemongrass and coconut milk adds body and depth into the overall flavour of the dish. It also comes with potatoes and carrots, which make this curry a host of dynamic flavours and textures.  

 Pan-fried Cha La Lots 

Pan-fried Cha La Lots 

Cha la lot is a personal favourite of mine. The betel leaves are what makes this dish unforgettable, the smells it releases can be wonderful to some and smelly to others. I can’t really describe the smell but the combination of pork mince and betel leaves over a hot grill brings back childhood memories for me, of a time when the house would linger of betel smell for a good few hours after mum finished cooking (blissful). 

One stop shop for your Vietnamese needs at home

One of the things we’ve always wanted to add to our deli shop is a section where you can buy your own Vietnamese sauces, spices, dried noodles (pho and bun vermicelli), seasoning and rice papers. Get everything you need for a Vietnamese feast at home, a dinner party or anywhere else for that matter (summer roll party anyone?). 

Vietnamese food is so quick and easy to cook and eat for yourself or the whole family, why not give it a go. We’ll have recipes and videos on how to make some Vietnamese classics and favourites in a step-by-step guide.

We have a lot planned for 2017 so do keep an eye out on our Facebook, twitter and instagram pages for news along the way!

Thank you for reading and have a great 2017

David Chu

Carrots + Daikon