Vietnamese-Style Brunch at Carrots + Daikon

Why Brunch?

Brunch can be a great time for family and friends to gather and catch up whilst eating. Perfect for late morning dine in’s with all day menus. You can imagine the hypnotic smells of bacon and pancakes cooking in the background and last but not least it can be the time for people to put their feet up and relax after a long hard week of work.

 Nothing like eating with family and friends over the weekend

Nothing like eating with family and friends over the weekend

With that, how would a Vietnamese Brunch compare?

With a few C+D tweaks here and there, such as swapping the Egg Benedict for flamed grilled pork or even a full breakfast for a hot bowl of delicious Pho. We reckon that we are more than half way there to creating a new brunching experience in Kentish Town that will showcase what Vietnamese cuisine and culture is all about and what more it has to come in the near future.

Our goal for brunch is to take traditional breakfast and lunch Vietnamese street food favourites out of the streets of Vietnam and into our little brick and mortar in Kentish Town for everyone to try.

Get a taste of Vietnam without the air miles with us

What is on the Menu? 

 One of our classic Banh Mi with the Lemongrass Chicken

One of our classic Banh Mi with the Lemongrass Chicken

Not to be overly experimental on creating an entirely new menu from scratch, we’ve decided to keep our usual Banh Mi, Lunchboxes, Pho and Summer Roll offerings but with the exception of no BBQ Roasted Pork or Lemongrass Beef. Instead, we are delighted to announce that we are going to start selling our delicious Vietnamese Spring rolls for the whole day every Saturday because who doesn’t love a cheeky spring roll in the afternoon. 

 Come for the Bun Cha Brunch, best way to start the weekend

Come for the Bun Cha Brunch, best way to start the weekend

We have also got our own version of Bun Cha in a Brunch form available from 11am – 2pm, here you can have bowls of our honey caramelized pork, bun rice vermicelli noodles, side salads and herbs and not forgetting the delicious bowl of nuoc cham sauce (chilli fish sauce).  If you are still hungry then you can order more meats or salads. Check out our menu and prices on here

Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Pancake) is also coming exclusively to brunch.  Translated as ‘sizzling cake’ because of the sound it makes after the batter hits the hot pan. Banh Xeo is essentially a crispy Vietnamese crepe stuffed with shrimp, pork, mung beans, bean sprouts and loads of leafy greens and fresh herbs. Many have requested us to make Banh Xeo for a while now and we are pleased to be able to grant that request because if you’ve never had Banh Xeo before then you are missing out!

 Homemade Banh Xeo 

Homemade Banh Xeo 

Check out the video underneath of Banh xeo being made on the streets of Vietnam

When does it start?

Brunch will be available every Saturday from 11am – 2pm, with the official launch on the Saturday 6th February, so come on down and be the first to try out our new brunch menu. As some of you may already know, we are very limited on seats at our small deli shop (11-12 to be exact) so if you do see the shop packed, please don’t be discouraged, let us know you want to eat in and we’ll try sort out a rough estimate waiting time. Alternatively, if you cant wait for a seat then we do offer a takeaway service if you want to have a Vietnamese brunch at home or anywhere else. 

What to expect?

Expect a lot of grilling from within our little open kitchen, lots of fresh salads and herbs washed, big bowls of bun vermicelli rice noodles and chilli fish sauce laid out. Not to forget the incredible aroma of a Banh Xeo being made to order and the happy and friendly faces of Carrots + Daikon welcoming you in to our little home.

Start your weekend right with brunch at Carrots + Daikon

See you guys from the Sat 6th Feb and onwards

Thanks for reading

David Chu

Carrots + Daikon