Blogging the Carrots + Daikon Journey

Since today is our 9 month anniversary, it’s probably only right that the blog that I promised to write back in February would be written and posted on this very day. Not much of a keen expresser of words myself, I thought I’ll take the plunge at writing a blog which has been on my to-do-list for a while now since Carrots + Daikon first opened its door in Kentish Town back in December 2014. I’ll probably say the lack of free time and long working hours over the past 9 months has been the main reason why this has been delayed so long. 

So apologies for that, but I am going to buck that trend by committing myself to posting a blog whenever there is something important happening. This could be very interesting considering that I was never a fan of writing essays or assignments in my days at university but at least with this I would be writing about the topics and subjects I genuinely do love and have a passion for. These areas include entrepreneurship, Vietnamese food, the fast casual market, current food trends and affairs, and obviously Carrots + Daikon the story behind its creation.


Safe to say that the past 9 months has been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, which I for one am glad that we had more ups than downs because as much as you plan for something to happen the way you want it to, you will never really know for certain how well it will turn out until you actually do it. Which in itself is scary, risky and stressful but that’s what you should expect when you start anything by yourself with no real prior cooking or restaurant experience. So I do count myself lucky that I have my friends and family to back me up on this journey from the very beginning; Carrots + Daikon wouldn’t be the Carrots + Daikon it is now if those big characters and personalities weren’t there to support the business all the way but that’s for another blog post.  

Many thanks for reading, stay tuned in for more blog stories in the coming weeks. 

David Chu